Do not take Angio-preventative Cocktail:

While healing, from surgery or fracture

While pregnant.

Do not use this protocol with children.

READ, READ AND READ some more!

For more information: “search archives”
for cancer and angiogenesis

National Cancer Institute: Drug Dictionary:

Memorial Sloan Kettering Search about Herbs:

Bill Peeples

Yvonne Cooper:

Please note that this protocol works for all tumors, as all tumors need a vascular system to grow and develop. Bill has worked with and had success with people who have had Leiomyosarcoma, ESS or Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma, Multiple Myeloma, Bladder, Kidney, Prostate and Breast Cancer.


Dr. Doreen Kossove authors the original paper.


Bill Peeples and Yvonne Cooper added the update and addendum April 2009












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