How to Use this Site

You can begin reviewing the pages on this website, simply by clicking on the page title. The information on that topic will load just underneath the listing of the pages. Or, you can type in a word or two in the search box on the right. Again, the information will load just under the listing of the pages.

I designed this website to be read one page at a time, starting with the Welcome. That doesn’t mean you have to review it that way. You can hop and skip around the pages as it interests you.

As Bill continues to read and do research, I post the most recent information and scientific studies that support the ingredients in the protocol in Bill’s Blog. These postings are in order with the most current on top.

I hope that you will gain information from this website that will help you to help yourself find what works for you as you journey with your cancer diagnosis.

Healing Hugs,



2 thoughts on “How to Use this Site

    • If you tap on “The cocktail for active disease, part one” you will find the “suggested” over-the-counter list of basic supplements and recommended dosages. If you tap on “The cocktail for active disease, part two”, you will find the list of prescription agents, which your doctor will have to prescribe. If you are surgically NED, No Evidence of Disease, then tap “In the watchful waiting period, and if you are NED” topic line. You will find suggestions for staying NED.
      I hope this helps,
      web manager


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