If one has Active Disease, Bill recommends this regimen

  1. Diet:  Stay on strict Atkins or ketogenic diet.
  2. BPC: Take the doses for Active Disease, adding TM (Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate), Cytoxics by Metronomic Dosing or other antiangiogenic chemotherapy agents, such as: Sorefinib, Sutent, Rampayacin. You must talk to your doctor and be followed by your doctor at all times. Refer to The BPC main document for Active Disease Protocol.
  3. Hyperthermia:
    1. Take a hot bath, sit in sauna or hot tub for 20 minutes, once every 4 days or so. Use your best judgment here. This elevates your immune system and encourages breakage of a tumor’s fragile capillaries, by expansion and contraction.*
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    6. Hyperthermia as an adjunctive treatment for soft-tissue sarcoma: This paper is available from


  4. Walking:
    1. Enjoy brisk walking, if possible. 20-25 minutes a day improves mood and quality of life, improves immune system by raising natural steroids, which supports your immune system, and increases circulation..
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  5. Drinking water:  This keeps the body hydrated, and aids in the digestion of the supplements.


*A tumor’s capillaries are quite fragile and unlike normal capillaries grow quickly especially if the mitotic rate (of the tumor) is high. Thus, they can be broken easily. Capillaries of slower growing tumors are more normal. Patience on the cocktail is the norm here.

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