Low Dose Angio-prevention Cocktail

Low Dose Angio-prevention Cocktail or when NED (No Evidence of Disease)

1 325 mg. Aspirin

1 600 mg Alpha lipoic acid

1 500 mg Acetyl-l-carnitine

1 600 mg N-acetyl cysteine

1 900 mg Curcumin Complex

1 100 mcg Selenium

1 50 mg Zinc Gluconate

1 Omega three fish oil 1000 mg a day or shark liver oil 1000 mg daily

1 B 50 complex multi-vitamin with 500mg of C

1 Green Tea Extract 500 mg.

1 Vitamin D-3 2,000 IU

1 30 mg Resveratrol Complex

1 500 mg Korean Ginseng

One thought on “Low Dose Angio-prevention Cocktail

  1. Does it hurt to take the Low Dose angio prevention cocktail if you are an athlete training for triathlons. I understand one of the benefits of training is the formation of new blood pathways (angio I guess it’s called) which increases endurance. This cocktail would seem to block this benefit of training.


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