Starting the Cocktail


You can start the Basic Cocktail by starting to take the vitamins.  If no problems occur after a day or two, start adding a new agent every day or two.

The n-acetyl cysteine {NAC} might need to be increased slowly over a week or two, if there is gastrointestinal discomfort. (Sometimes taking these supplements with food will help with the digestion.) Zinc also can cause a bit of digestive discomfort.   Other than that, there should be no other symptoms.  If an agent gives difficulty, don’t take it — take another one.  You can ask Bill for replacement agents.    If aspirin is badly tolerated by you, there are lots of NSAIDs you can use, like ibuprofen, or Celebrex, or others.   Aspirin has a good cardiac effect, but if it gives you a stomachache, you need to use either enteric-coated aspirin or another antinflammatory that doesn’t give you a stomachache.

You do not need to take shark liver oil AND omega three fish oil AND flaxseed oil. If you have tumor load, though, the shark liver oil is recommended.

If you are already being treated for other conditions that require prescription drugs that have angiogenesis inhibitor properties, so much the better.  You can add something else that has a different action, since you already meet the requirement with the drug you are taking.  If you are taking a medication for reflux, or for high blood pressure, or for an infection, find out if you can use a medication to treat the condition that is ALSO ‘anti-cancer’.  For instance, use Cimetidine [Tagament] instead of a PPI or an antacid for GI reflux. Again, you can check with Bill for specifics. Or, you can look up your medications at to check for any anti-angiogenic properties.



D. Kossove, MD

Together we are more, and more effective, than we are separately.

All correspondence is my personal opinion.  I am not an oncologist.  I am not practicing medicine online.  Provision of information is for investigation and discussion with your doctors.

Doreen Kossove and Bill Peeples are the authors of this information, with editing help from Yvonne Cooper.

Please note that this information is for you to use when consulting with a physician.

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