Suggested Readings

Suggested Readings from Bill:

Many have ‘cancer,’ but few progress to true disease | HarvardScience

NOVA Online | Cancer Warrior | Watch the Program


Antiangiogenic Chemotherapy:

Low-dose Metronomic Combined with Intermittent Bolus-dose Cyclophosphamide Is Thrombospondin 1, a mediator of the antiangiogenic effects of low-dose metrono The Anti-Angiogenic Basis of Metronomic Chemotherapy


Cancer and Copper:


Laboratory Study Explains Clinical Promise Of Anti-Angiogenesis Cancer Drug

Copper-Lowering Drug Stabilizes Advanced Cancer In Anti-angiogenesis Trial

Cancer Cells Forming Blood Vessels Send Their Copper To The Edg



X-ray fluorescence microscopy reveals large-scale relocalization and extracell

Copper Control as an Antiangiogenic Anticancer Therapy: Lessons from Treating

Tetrathiomolybdate Inhibits Angiogenesis and Metastasis Through Suppression of Tetrathiomolybdate promotes tumor necrosis and prevents distant metastases by Copper-dependent activation of hypoxia-inducible f…[Blood. 2005] – PubMed Re

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