angiogenesis The process by which new blood vessels are formed.
atom The fundamental building blocks of chemical elements.
capillary Any one of the tiny, hair like, blood vessels that form a network in nearly all parts of the body.
cofactor An inorganic complement of an enzyme reaction, usually a metal ions. Copper (a metal) is a necessary cofactor (complement) of the angiogenic process (which includes enzyme reactions).
copper A trace element. The amount in our bodies is about 75-100 mg., less than that contained in a copper penny.
endogenous Developing or originating within the organism (body) or arising from causes within the organism (body).
endothelial cell The thin, flattened cells that line the inside surfaces of body cavities, blood vessels, and lymph vessels, making up the endothelium.
growth factor A complex family of hormones or biological factors that are produced by the body to control growth, division and maturation of blood cells by the bone marrow. They regulate the division and proliferation of cells and influence the growth rate of some cancers.
inhibitor A molecule which represses or prevents another molecule from engaging in a reaction.
molecule A combination of two or more atoms.
neovascularization Growth of new blood vessels into a tissue resulting in improved oxygen and nutrient supply.
physiological Of or pertaining to physiology; relating to the science of the functions of living organisms.
proliferation The rapid increase by multiplication of similar forms, in this case, blood vessels.
quiescent A state of inactivity or rest.
receptors Proteins on the cell surface that bind molecules arriving from another cell much like a lock receiving the correct key. Go to site map, then select dictionary. Another on-line medical dictionar

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