Recommended course of treatment for the newly diagnosed

Bill recommends a course of treatment for the newly diagnosed that might look something like this:

  1.  Atkins or ketogenic diet, or Mediterranean diet:  As soon as you are diagnosed, start a high protein diet, which starts to starve the tumor (s).  You can research this diet on the internet.

If you are underweight, add fat in the form of whipping cream.*





*Lactose intolerant people should eat as much fat as possible from other suitable sources.

  1. Surgery:  Surgery with clear margins is the gold standard.     a.

Continue Atkins or ketogenic diet as a part of healing to discourage growth of new tumors.

*3.  Chemotherapy:  This is especially important if there weren’t clear margins from surgery. If you are on high dose chemotherapy, stay on a ketogenic diet, which keeps glucose levels low. About a half an hour after chemotherapy dosing, eat something high sugar, whatever can be tolerated, such as milk shakes, ice cream, soft drinks, which drives up the glucose level and increases absorption of the chemotherapy drugs for about an hour. Then, return to a ketogenic diet.

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