The Cocktail for Active Disease, part one


Angiogenesis Inhibitors

BASIC COCKTAIL   Dosing for Active Disease OR when in remission, adding cytotoxics if tumor is present.





or a Child.

^ Over the counter substances:

Acetyl L-Carnitine  500 mg 2 X daily   Total 1,000 mg daily  [antioxidant. supports cerebral metabolism.]

Alpha Lipoic Acid  300 mg 2 X daily        Total 600mg daily  [antioxidant. supports cerebral metabolism]

Aspirin   325 mg one daily     [anti inflammatory.  COX-2 inhibition]

Beta Carotene   25,000IU 1Pill 3 X daily                         Total 75,000IU

DO NOT take beta-carotene if you smoke or if you have smoked cigarettes in the past .

Cimetidine [Tagamet] 800 to 1000mg a day.  [It is available as 200mg over the counter tablets.  It is usually prescribed for gastritis or gastric reflux.  Groups of people with cancer who were on cimetidine tended to survive longer than those that weren’t. Enhances NK cells (Natural Killer cells), optimizes the T4 & T8 cells]

Co-Enzyme Q10   100 mg   1 Pill daily   [also supports statin use, cardiac support )

Curcumin Complex    900 mg 1 pill 3X daily   [many effects, stimulates killer T cells, also chelates copper.  look up on pubmed.  This dose also could be              increased. ) Total 2700mg

Dichloracetate (DCA): 20mg/2.2 # of weight, dissolve powder in a cup of water, drink half in morning and half in evening

Genistein: 125mg./1 capsule: 2x daily

Green Tea Extract  6x500mg. daily totaling: 3000mg daily

Korean Ginseng   500mg.

Ibuprofen 400 mg twice daily    Total 800 mg.  [COX-2 inhibition]

Milk Thistle Extract (Silymarin) 500 mg.   1 pill daily Total  500 mg   [Supports liver metabolism]

N-Acetyl-Cysteine   [NAC]  500 mg 2 pills 5 times daily,  Total 5 GRAMS daily  [5,000mg daily]  [antioxidant. chelates copper, iron, calcium.)

Omega three fish oil 6,000 daily or shark liver oil 2,500 mg daily

Resveratrol Complex 100mg. [anticancer. many effects.]

Selenium 200 mcg    [200 MICROgrams]  1 pill daily

Vitamin B 50 Complex or Vitamin B 100 Complex     Total  ONE daily

Vitamin C 500 mg 3 times a day      TOTAL  1500 mg daily

Vitamin D3  2000 units daily  [supports cancer survivorship. Check for calcium levels periodically.

Vitamin E 400 IU 5 pills daily    TOTAL 2000 IU daily

Zinc Gluconate 50 mg 1 x 4 daily total: 200mg. daily, then down to once a day or less if needed after goal level reached.  [Immune support.]

Please Note:  Test zinc levels to assure they are no greater than 150 mg/dl.

Titer dosage to maintain proper serum level.    Take no more than 50 mg zinc gluconate a day if taking Tetrathiomolybdate (TM) While increasing zinc levels, take Zinc Gluconate 50 mg 1 with each meal and one as night as tolerated.  When the level of zinc in your blood approaches 150 mg/dl, take no more than 50 mg zinc gluconate a day IF NEEDED.


Please note that new data is coming out all the time. You can review and research each of the supplements by following this link:


Tetrathiomolybdate 40 mg one pill on empty stomach, one pill with meal
[this requires frequent blood tests, and is available on prescription only, from a compounding pharmacist.  It chelates copper.  So does curcumin and NAC, and zinc also interferes with copper absorption.]  There is a real danger of too low red, white and platelet cell counts if the copper levels/ceruloplasmin levels are too low.  Ceruloplasmin levels are usually followed for this, and a lab with a turnaround time of about 3 days for the ceruloplasmin results is needed.  You do need to keep a careful eye on this with your doctor.   Tetrathiomolybdate Ammonium tetrathiomolybdate is also known as TM.

^See Addendum for retailers that carry the over the counter supplements in the cocktail at reasonable prices.
*** Do not take the Angio-inhibitor Cocktail ….While healing…. (from surgery or fracture) OR While pregnant.  Do not give to a child.***************

For more information:  look up individual agents at:  “search archives”

Please note that this information is included for you to talk over with your doctor. We are not prescribing this or any other treatment in lieu of treatment by your doctor or physician.

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