You need to take most of the inhibitors on the BASIC list.

IF there is a tumor (s), you would also take the low dose cytotoxic agents. Anything that you are allergic to, or which you cannot tolerate, or which interacts with other drugs you are taking, can be deleted, and a more compatible similar substance can be substituted.

If you have had recent remission by surgery or other means, you should start on the high dose Basic Cocktail for at least six months. If there is tumor growth, more inhibitors and possibly cytotoxics should be added to the cocktail.


Add the cytotoxics [chemotherapy agents] if there is tumor present.   The basic cocktail can work without them, depending upon how many growth factors the tumor can produce, but the cytotoxics will help get a better response.  The cocktail works best with small tumors, where the vascular growth factors are made in smaller amounts and smaller concentrations, so that the concentrations of the inhibitors that we can create by oral dosing might be enough to prevent tumor growth.


There are additional drugs which can be added, if the Basic Cocktail + Cytotoxic Metronomic Dosing is not working well enough on the tumors. These include alpha interferon, thalidomide, etc.


If you are already on a medicine for a condition, see if that medicine is angiostatic, or whether another medicine that is also an angiogenesis inhibitor can be substituted for it, like Captopril for blood pressure, or Tagamet for reflux.

Check all substances you take, or plan to take, for interactions, and check them with any other supplements or drugs you may be taking.  There is a section on interactions further on.  There are drug interaction checkers available online, use to find them.

If you are in remission, it is a good idea to get copper levels done on your blood.  Copper levels often rise when tumors are becoming active.  …   If your copper levels are high, go on the Basic Cocktail with attention especially to Curcumin, Zinc, n-acetyl cysteine [NAC], and Tetrathiomolybdate, until copper levels are low normal at least, and the Zn/Cu ration favors zinc.    Once the copper levels are stabilized at the very low end of normal, then you can slowly taper cocktail doses until you wind up with the Basic Cocktail.   If the copper levels start climbing again, add appropriate doses of curcumin, NAC, and zinc until the copper comes under control.

Higher-grade tumors need the Basic Cocktail for Active Disease.

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